Like many other employers, we underestimated the administrative impact of auto-enrolment. With the limited information provided by the Pensions Regulator and with a relatively sizeable workforce it seemed daunting as our staging date approached.

Simply Auto-enrolment Solutions basically provided us with a headache free system for auto-enrolment where all boxes were ticked at a very reasonable cost.

We were pleasantly surprised at how effortless Simply Auto-enrolment Solutions made auto enrolment for our company. If you want a system that covers you fully, is stress free and alleviates any work involved look no further. Highly recommend…

Sam Shahbazi
Withins Residential Home

We engaged Simply Auto Enrolment Solutions to help with our clients’ workplace pension schemes. This was a subject that we did not have the time nor the necessary knowledge and commitment to address on a regular basis. We run payroll for many companies and to tackle Auto Enrolment alone as a payroll bureau would have taken over our manpower significantly. We have an ongoing active relationship with Simply and find them extremely helpful, reassuring and engaging. I have dealt with Chris and Steve from the firm and both are always available and go beyond expectations to help, offering extra advice at any opportunity. I can wholeheartedly recommend Simply to any bureaux, accountants or indeed businesses that are faced with the imminent arrival of this new legislation.

Nita Patel, ELAS

I’ve got to admit I have been putting Auto Enrolment on the back burner for some time. I received an email from them and decided to hear them out. Their package seemed highly advantageous to my company. Simply do everything regarding Auto Enrolment; even sending out all the communications. Particularly, it was an opportunity to make some extra income for my firm. Our relationship continues to grow and I’m excited working with them in the future.

Mark Lomax Chartered Accountants

I can’t recommend you guys highly enough! You made everything so easy and I felt in very good hands.

Mike Syddall, Style Construction

Massive headache solved in an instant. Simply Brilliant!!!
J P Scaffolding

Working with Simply helped our company greatly by removing all the extra load of work that was looming over us, in relation to Auto Enrolment. From our experience, not only did they cater to our needs whilst remaining supportive and professional, Simply also proved that they are the fastest and most cost effective company on the market. For us, working with Simply helped us grow by enabling us to focus on other matters within our firm, whilst they dealt with the time consuming Auto Enrolment process. I highly recommend Ben, Steve and their friendly team to any company and we look forward to continuing to have a strong relationship with them.

Paul Evans, Limitless Studios

Really happy with the service, the whole thing frightened me senseless but so much of the pain in the admin system is taken away by Simply! Very happy customer!

David Hannam