Not only that, all your employees are also entitled to the additional employee benefit of free independent financial advice at no additional cost to you!

We can offer this in whatever way suits you best – group sessions or one-to-ones with employees! Each employee will be offered full financial reviews by appointment where we can assist with all their financial needs – this can cover 

  • life insurance, 
  • mortgages 
  • savings and investments 
  • investments
  • private pensions
  • and more!

A carefully designed financial plan can give you the freedom to do even more of the things you want – and maybe even others you never thought possible.


Kingswood Wealth Management Ltd

KWM Ltd are our sister company, they are an experienced team of financial advisers providing advice to individuals and businesses across the UK.

What do we offer advice on

  • Protection
    • Protecting yourself, your family or your business against sickness or death is of utmost importance – especially in todays climate! Get in touch today to discuss how we can help!
  • Mortgages
    • Mortgages are rising and getting trickier by the day – speak to one of our experts to help you navigate the minefield and get you a mortgage you can afford today!
  • Savings and Investments
    • Is your rainy day fund working as hard for you as it should be? Let us review your situation and see if we can get your money working harder for you!
  • Pensions
    • Whilst we all may contribute to our workplace schemes, could you also benefit from a private pension to maximise those savings and prepare yourself for the best possible retirement! Get in touch to discuss your options today!
  • Wills and Trusts
    • Are you one of the 60% of people in the UK set to die without a will? Don’t delay getting things in order, contact us today to get started!